Conflicts and misunderstandings happen in all couples no matter how in love you are with each other. When these happen, no matter who started it or who’s fault it is, men mostly are the ones to fix the broken pieces and bring back the romance in the relationship. Yes, that is not fair, but sometimes you have no choice. So, instead of complaining and nagging about it, learn the ways instead on how to overcome the situation and win your love back.

How do you do it?

Well, the first thing you need to do is kill your ego. Your ego, which is synonymous with pride, will be your worst enemy when trying to solve a conflict with your significant other. This will be the inner voice that will seek justice and victory over the unfought war. If you will listen to this, I can most certainly say that you’ll be heading to the end of your relationship. So in this first phase of the process, you have to choose between your ego or your relationship.

After overcoming your ego and deciding to win back your relationship instead, the next thing you need to do is listen. Listen well. Listen very carefully. Listen between the lines. Sometimes, when the conversation has gotten too emotional, we cannot help but utter hurtful words unintentionally. So, as the man who claims more strength and endurance over women, you have to accept the painful words and play your role as the strong, enduring pillar in the relationship. Never ever throw back any hurtful words. Just listen and understand why she has said such things and uttered such words. Putting yourself on her own shoes will help you in this phase.

When she’s done pouring out her side of the conflict and you are given the opportunity and time to talk, communicate your thoughts clearly and gently. There’s a huge possibility that she won’t listen to you. Still, try to explain yourself. But, if she will never listen, stop and look for other ways to get your message across the borders. You can opt with sending the classic hand-written letter that is very romantic or the easier and faster text messages, chat apps, and e-mails. After you have sent your letter, she has no choice but to read your message. It will ignite the curiosity in her, and if you opted for the classic hand-written letter, it will touch her heart and think twice about keeping her grudge against you.

Although you have been successful in sending your message, getting your message across is not an assurance that your conflict will be over and everything will go back to normal. No, it is only a step to letting her know how badly you want to fix the problem and get things back to the way they used to be. Your reconciling message needs to be backed up with a reconciling effort such as inviting her to a date or surprising her with flowers or a romantic dinner.

You can cook for her and prepare a breakfast-in-bed or a candlelight dinner. Or, you can order a bunch of flowers and have them delivered to her home or workplace. The point is you need to make her feel truly loved and wanted. There isn’t any girl who will not fall in love with a home cooked food and fresh, fragrant flowers. The food and flowers will help subside her rage and the intimate moment you have together will open an opportunity to talk things out again and resolve the problem.

Don’t think twice about asking for forgiveness even if you believe it’s not your fault. Ladies are somewhat self-centered, but if you will own the mistake wholeheartedly regardless of who really did it, it will make them realize their mistake. Be as sincere, patient and loving as you can. Soon she will feel alright and everything will go back to the way they used to be. It only takes a gentle hug and a kiss on the forehead for the final touch.