We will create a good relationship with our friends if we are considerate. Nowadays, we are encouraged to focus on positive thinking, self-esteem, motivation and self-confidence in order to attract people to associate with us. Subliminal mind help us to find solutions to problems that we encounter.

You should be honest with yourself and friends. In fact, some religions such as Christianity encourage people to tell the truth. We have peace of mind when we are truthful. Telling lies to your friends will end up harming your friends. Friends will distant themselves from you if you are dishonest because you are not the sort of person they can rely on as a true friend.

You must tell the truth always if you want to build a good relationship with your friends. You will enhance a good relationship with your friends by loving them from the bottom of your heart. If you have a problem with your friends, you should identify the cause of the problem and solve it. Ask yourself questions so as to find the solution for the problem.

We experience low moments that make us to be sad although we are supposed to be happy. Some of the personal problems that we encounter make us to be stressed. Your friends may fail to understand what you are going through when you are stressed. Stress can affect your relationship with friends. You should avoid stress by getting rid of bad emotions.

A healthy friendship is maintained by true love, trust, understanding and effective communication. Although people are aware of these things, they disappoint us when we befriend them. Whenever there is a problem with your friends, you should challenge yourself in overcoming it immediately. You should not put it off. You should open your mind to find solutions that are available so as to choose the best solution to resolve it.

When you are in problems or one of your friends has a problem, you should sit down with your friends and talk with them so as to solve it. Let them explain their views about the problem. You should not accuse or blame your friends because this will be an obstacle in finding the best solution for the problem.

Feeling lonely makes a person to be depressed. You should avoid loneliness by spending time with your friends. There are people who are afraid to start a new friendship. This is because their feelings were hurt by friends who were dishonesty.

We all need to have friends so that we share our feelings with them and in order to grow ourselves. Always love your friends and you should never fear to befriend people around you just because you got hurt by a friend who was dishonesty to you.