Attending a wedding fayre can be one of the best things to do if you are undecided in any way about the dress you want to wear on your special day. Of course, attending a fayre is also the ideal place to find your caterer, wedding planner and bridesmaids’ dresses too, so attending at least one or two events is definitely well worth it.

If you are planning on picking out your ideal wedding dress whilst attending a fayre, there are several steps that you should take to prepare for this to happen. First of all, it is a wise idea to find out about all the different designers who will be exhibiting at the event, whether they are larger brands such as Enzoani and Jim Hjelm or smaller, lesser-known brands.

By finding out which brands you like, and whether you would prefer to find a stunning Lazaro gown or look beautiful with Enzoani wedding dresses, you will already be prioritising your visit to get the most out of the event.

As well as looking at the different styles of dresses that you will potentially be seeing from these different designers that will be presenting their garments, you will also be able to check the price range of various dresses and designers and prepare any questions that you may have in advance.

After researching your designers well before the event, another tip is to make sure that you create a list of essentials that you want from your ideal wedding dress, if you have not done this already.

This can include information such as how long you want your dress to be, the colour that you would like your dress to be, the shape of the dress, how warm it should be – depending on the season of your wedding – and whether or not to prefer to buy from a company that also provides bridesmaid dresses to match.

By creating a list of essentials that you would like your dress to have, you are much more likely to approach the wedding fayre with a clear idea of who you want to see, what kind of dress you are looking for and what you would like to talk to the designer or their representative about if you have any questions.

This leads to the next piece of advice, and that is to make sure that you plan your day carefully, aiming to fit in the dress designers that you most want to see as soon as you can in the day, to give yourself a chance to think about what you have seen and also relieve the pressure later in the day, which is often best spent discovering hidden gems of designers.

Organise the beginning of your trip to the wedding fayre thoroughly, allotting your self a particular amount of time to the key designers that you want to have a look at. Remember that if you are also at the event to see caterers, wedding entertainment providers, make up artists or any other professional, you will need to make time for these too.

Finally, do not forget to take some comfortable clothes and stand-in wedding shoes, so that you can easily try on and look beautiful in any wedding dresses that you decide to try on. Prepare to be changing quite often throughout at least the first part of the day, and make sure that you will be comfortable doing this.