Core Values and Ground Rules For Conflict Resolution

Why does conflict happen in teams?

By working in teams we are able to bring together combined resources, skills and knowledge that is beyond the scope of any single individual. Working in teams is a double-edged sword; the very advantage sometimes becomes dysfunctional when teams cannot work together due to interpersonal conflicts.

There are many reasons why conflict emerges in teams. This could be due to the constant jostling for power, differences in values, and the positions that each individual in the team takes, based on perceptions of personal advantages. Recently I was facilitating a team about their values. One of the members was stuck to his position that ‘Teamwork’ should be the key value. While defending his position he forgot that ‘teamwork’ was not really happening in the group, where he was not permitting other members to air their views on teamwork. Conflict is aggravated in times of major changes, distribution of rewards, review of performance and external threats like major socio-eco-political downturns. Conflict in teams is inevitable. Teams require sound management and facilitation skills to resolve them. Handled well, conflicts can lead to learning, improved problem solving and better all round performance, both individually and collectively. This is an essay

How to Choose a Gift for a Newly Married Couple

When a friend of yours gets married, it is customary for you to make a wedding gift. However, deciding on what to give is not an easy task. The simple reason is that what you give has to be of some use to the recipient couple. Another reason is that the item you give should not be something that they already have. Also, you need to make it a point to give something that another friend may not give.

In order to fulfill all the requirements of a good wedding gift you need to think out of the box. Try to think of some novel item to give. If your fiend already has built his own house or has bought a house, one thing you could give is a sapling for a large plant. He could plant it in his garden in memory of his wedding. He will remember you every time he will talk about the particular tree. What a nice gift?

The best way to buy a good plant sapling is to visit a place where they sell plant

5 Keys to Having a Successful Long Distance Relationship

But while these physically-challenged relationships require tons of hard work, there still are a countless happy couples out there who could proudly say they have overcome all the obstacles and their relationship succeeded.

If you are in such a relationship and you feel hopeless and frustrated, this might be your gift from heaven. Here are the 5 keys to having a successful long distance relationship:

1. Trust and Loyalty
This is a no-brainer. Loyalty and trust are a mutually exclusive clause otherwise known as commitment. While this much is true (or should be) for all relationships, long distance relationships require each party to make the extra effort of showing loyalty and trust to the other. Never give your partner any room for doubt!

2. Constant Communication
As long distance lovers, you don’t get to go on dates on a whim. So you have to both make use of whatever available means to keep each other updated of what’s happening with each other’s lives. Thankfully, the internet makes this easy.

Fill your partner in with details; make him/her feel like you still are sharing the same world despite the distance.

3. Compromise
A relationship is never about one person. Agree on what works best for your

Get Yourself That Girlfriend By First Building Confidence With Women

If you’re unsatisfied being single, interested in knowing how to build confidence with women, or how to approach women now, look no further. Below are some tips that are sure to help you in ways more than one. By following these, you will find it a lot easier to get started in a relationship and finally have girlfriends. You’ll realize it’s not that hard at all, and you’ve probably just not exerted enough effort towards this yet.

These are 5 of the quickest ways to gain confidence with women.

Go Out and Socialize

While there are many men looking for women, a lot of them are not keen on going out and actually exploring the possibilities. In this case, I suggest that you get out there and socialize! Women are not just going to show up at your door or fall in your lap. Meet up with your friends, and if they are with other friends, you can meet other people. If you are clueless about how to meet women in bars, go out with a friend of yours who often hangs out in these kind of places. It’s always a good idea to have a wingman, who will help you while you’re

Keep Your Female Friends and Your Girlfriend

Having a female friend can bring many good things in to your life. You can go to her for inside advice when the inner workings of your girlfriend’s mind are making you crazy. You can spend the evening with her when you aren’t in the mood for testosterone-fuelled competition. She will be there for you when you need someone to talk to. Unfortunately, having a woman as a friend can also cause plenty of discord-especially in your relationship with your girlfriend. How can you maintain a friendship with someone of the opposite sex while preserving the harmony in your romantic relationship?

Defensible Female Friend

There are some girls that you can have as friends without your girlfriend being able to justifiable complain about it. She might grumble about it, but she’ll have no ground to stand on. These women include those you were friends with before you got together with your girlfriend and those who are clearly in happy, stable relationships of their own. She also shouldn’t have a leg to stand on in she tries to bitch about a female friend that you are obviously not attract to physically.

Female Friends Those Are Tougher to Defend

On the other hand, there are some

5 Curly Hairstyle Ideas for a Winter Wedding

If you have always admired the sleekness of straight hair ever since but would like to try something new, then I guess it’s about time for you to explore curling and experimenting on different hairstyles. Browse below to get the latest on 5 Curly Hairstyle Ideas for a Winter Wedding!

1. Genuinely Curly

Women with natural curls sometimes think that it’s hard for them to try out latest hairstyle ideas. What they are not aware of is that sometimes the best wedding hairstyles are amazing because of the curls! All you need is a dependable curling leave-on conditioner to style it, put frills and voila! The best natural Curly Hairstyle Ideas for a Winter Wedding!

2. The Power of Curlers

Having a natural straight hair is great, but you have to admit, those who have natural curls are always in for a treat when it comes to latest hairstyle ideas. Fret not, because your super friendly curlers are at your service as always! Every woman should have a ready set of curling iron especially if you are at the phase where invitations to parties like weddings become a regular thing. Curls add volume to your hair thus gives you a best wedding hairstyle.

3. The

Best Way To Reconcile A Conflict With Your Wife Or Girlfriend

Conflicts and misunderstandings happen in all couples no matter how in love you are with each other. When these happen, no matter who started it or who’s fault it is, men mostly are the ones to fix the broken pieces and bring back the romance in the relationship. Yes, that is not fair, but sometimes you have no choice. So, instead of complaining and nagging about it, learn the ways instead on how to overcome the situation and win your love back.

How do you do it?

Well, the first thing you need to do is kill your ego. Your ego, which is synonymous with pride, will be your worst enemy when trying to solve a conflict with your significant other. This will be the inner voice that will seek justice and victory over the unfought war. If you will listen to this, I can most certainly say that you’ll be heading to the end of your relationship. So in this first phase of the process, you have to choose between your ego or your relationship.

After overcoming your ego and deciding to win back your relationship instead, the next thing you need to do is listen. Listen well. Listen very carefully. Listen

How to Prepare to Find the Right Wedding Dress at a Wedding Fayre

Attending a wedding fayre can be one of the best things to do if you are undecided in any way about the dress you want to wear on your special day. Of course, attending a fayre is also the ideal place to find your caterer, wedding planner and bridesmaids’ dresses too, so attending at least one or two events is definitely well worth it.

If you are planning on picking out your ideal wedding dress whilst attending a fayre, there are several steps that you should take to prepare for this to happen. First of all, it is a wise idea to find out about all the different designers who will be exhibiting at the event, whether they are larger brands such as Enzoani and Jim Hjelm or smaller, lesser-known brands.

By finding out which brands you like, and whether you would prefer to find a stunning Lazaro gown or look beautiful with Enzoani wedding dresses, you will already be prioritising your visit to get the most out of the event.

As well as looking at the different styles of dresses that you will potentially be seeing from these different designers that will be presenting their garments, you will also be able to

How to Keep a Long Distance Relationship Going Strong

The unique challenges and problems faced by those wondering how to keep a long distance relationship going strong can be overcome if a few simple concepts are understood and applied. While the age old wisdom may say that absence makes the heart grow fonder couples who have successfully grew their long distance relationships will be the first to tell you that patience, hard work and a undying commitment to their other half were key reasons why their relationships not only survived but thrived the many miles that separated them. If you are in a long distant relationship or considering one here are some tips on how to keep a long distant relationship going strong.

Most women in successful relationships will be the first to admit that communication was key to making their relationship work. Conversely many women who have suffered through failed relationships will point to the lack of communication as being one of the key reasons the relationship failed. When it comes to understanding how to keep a long distance relationship going strong communication is one of the secrets to

Heal Your Broken Heart With Heart Touching Poems

Being in love is an amazing experience in itself. Countless days and nights thinking about someone and the moments you spend with them takes you in a world which is far away from reality and seems just like heaven. Lots of promises and commitments for spending the life together is an essence that can never be forgotten. Unfortunately, all the couples are not so blessed; they have to face the separation in the mean of their love journey.

Whatever the reason may be either the circumstances or the misunderstandings, it seems like all the happiness is going too far from their life. At that time one feels that he should lock himself in a dark room and keep on talking with those memories. It feels like the whole world is laughing on the separation of two hearts.

Generally, those broken heart guys love to read their previous chats, messages, and letters again and again. No one knows why people do this while the fact is it’s the power of words that take them to rewind all their memorable moments and tears automatically comes out of their eyes. World witnessed that power of word can change an enemy into a friend and vice-versa.